Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Special Day

My Special Day
Author By Distiwan

Hai everybody...Good Afternoon ^_^ . How are you today ? Hmm if me, I'm very happy. Do you know why? Because this my special day. In this day i'm start everything that i'm make yesterday. I'm hope next year i can feel this day like this day. Hmm i'm so happy ^_^.

How about you ? What are you doing in this weekend ? Are you go to some place ? OR do anything else? Hmm but i hope you happy too like me ^_^ .

This day i can laughed, ate , watched One Peace etc. That's so make me happy. I also get a cheese cake and Fried egg rice. Waw that's very delicious in my mouth. Hmm that's so enjoyable.

If i get one wishes. I can wish that i want this day not end. Because i want always remember it in my heart and my mind. 

Maybe for this day, i just can say that. OK see you tomorrow guys ^_^

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